Atlantic Community Perspectives 

The purpose of this section is to publish commentaries (or excerpts in some cases) from unpublished or previously published works on issues that affect the democratic nations in the Atlantic Community.

Atlantic Community History, Background

Sten Rynning review of NATO, the European Union and the Atlantic Community, published in International Affairs (London), 2004.

Nicole Renvert review of NATO, the European Union and the Atlantic Community published in The International Spectator, 2003.

NATO, the European Union and the Atlantic Community: The Transatlantic Bargain Challenged by Stanley R. Sloan, Rowman and Littlefield, Publishers, July 2005. (Click on title for contents, reviews and to order.)

Stanley R. Sloan, European Proposals for a New Atlantic Community, [PDF document] Congressional Research Service report 95-374 S, March 10, 1995 (background on European proposals in the mid-1990s for a new Atlantic Community)

Heiko Borchert, Strengthening Europe’s Security Architecture: Where Do We Stand? Where Should We Go?

NATO in the 21st Century, Senator William V. Roth, Jr., Special Presidential Report to the North Atlantic Assembly (NATO Parliamentary Assembly) 1998 (rapporteur, Stanley R. Sloan).

US Policy and NATO’s Future

Security in an Uncertain World: A Canadian Perspective on NATO’s New Strategic Concept, Report produced by a special working group organized by the Canadian Conference of Defence Associations Institute and the Canadian Defence and Foreign Affairs Institute. Released March 24, 2010.

The Netherlands and NATO’s New Strategic Concept: Observations and Policy Recommendations from the Netherlands Atlantic Association. In May 2009, the Netherlands Atlantic Association organized a 2-day experts conference to examine the implications for Dutch foreign and defense policy of a new strategic concept for NATO. The session’s moderator, Stanley R. Sloan, was asked to prepare a report drawing on the session and making recommendations for Dutch policy. This is the draft of the report that was presented to the Foreign Ministry of The Netherlands.

“Pondering NATO’s Future,” Stanley R. Sloan, International Herald Tribune, March 5, 2009. This opinion piece suggests that, in the context of the 60th anniversary summit, NATO leaders should examine closely some popular assumptions surrounding the alliance.

“NATO and US Interests after 60 Years: Challenges and Opportunities”, Stanley R. Sloan, Keynote address to the 13th Annual Military Ball, in support of the Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Museum and Library, Santa Barbara, California, November 8, 2008.

“How and Why Did NATO Survive Bush Doctrine”, Stanley R. Sloan, Report by the NATO College Research Directorate, October 2008. This report analyses how and why the transatlantic relationship survived the crisis brought on by the policies and attitudes of the first administration of George W. Bush and then suggests what the experience might suggest about the future of the alliance.

“NATO’s Uncertain Future: Is Demography Destiny?, Jeffrey Simon, Strategic Forum, No. 236, Institute for National Strategic Studies, National Defense University, October 2008. This report questions whether NATO will be able to sustain collective military operations and political unity in the face of changing demographics of NATO countries.

“Can NATO Survive Afghanistan?,” Swords and Ploughshares,” August 2008. This collection of articles by Stanley R. Sloan, Ryan C. Hendrickson, Paul F. Diehl and Edward A. Kolodziej, edited by Matthew A. Rosenstein, examines the significant challenges facing NATO as it conducts its first mission outside the Euro-Atlantic arena in its nearly sixty-year history.

Stanley R. Sloan, “NATO Beyond Russia: Building a New Foundation for Transatlantic Relations,” speaking notes for a presentation at the 11th annual Russia-NATO conference at the St. Petersburg (Russia) State University, School of International Affairs, 16 February 2007.

Marten van Heuven, “The Future of the Atlantic Alliance,” speaking notes for a presentation at Middlebury College, 29 January 2007.

Stanley R. Sloan, Robert G. Sutter and Casimir A. Yost, The Use of U.S. Power: Implications for U.S. Interests, Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, Georgetown University, June 2004.

Stanley R. Sloan presentation at Nobel Institute, Oslo, Norway, October 2, 2003 sponsored by Norwegian Atlantic Committee (extended version).

Louis R. Golino, “Iraq is chance for U.S. to fix its relations,” The Washington Times, April 27, 2003.

Stanley R. Sloan, “Challenges to the Transatlantic Relationship”, In the National Interest, March 12, 2003.

Stanley R. Sloan: Notes for presentation at German Council on Foreign Relations, February 10, 2003

Stanley R. Sloan, NATO and Transatlantic Relations in the 21st Century, Crisis, Continuity or Change?, Foreign Policy Association Headline Series No. 324, November 1, 2002.

Stanley Sloan and Peter van Ham, What future for NATO?, Centre for European Reform Working Paper, October 2002.

Louis R. Golino, NATO seen adapting to terror war; Alliance used only sparingly after attacks, The Washington Times, Aug 18, 2002.

Louis R. Golino, Time to Thank Europe for its Help on Terrorism, Global Beat Syndicate, July 9, 2002.

Karen Donfried, Highwire Act Across the Atlantic, Washington Times, May 22, 2002.

Stanley R. Sloan, Toward a New Transatlantic Bargain, Christian Science Monitor, May 17, 2002.

Stanley R. Sloan, Crisis Response, “Opinion” in NATO Review, Spring 2002

Louis R. Golino, War on Terror Affects Role of EU’s Future , The Washington Times, December 9, 2001.

Stanley R. Sloan, Give NATO a Combined Task Force Against Terrorism , The New York Times, November 13, 2001.

General U.S.-European Relations

Politics and Religion

“Faith, Freedom and Fundamentalism: Challenges to Transatlantic Relations and Beyond,” Keynote address by Stanley R. Sloan to the “International Affairs Conference on Religion and International Politics: Now and Into the Future,” Star Island, Isles of Shoals, New Hampshire, July 20, 2008.

Karsten Voigt, “Religion is the wild card in transatlantic relations,” with commentary by Stanley R. Sloan, “We should be intolerant of intolerance,” Europe’s World, Summer 2006.

Stanley R. Sloan, “All the president’s truths,” International Herald Tribune, May 19, 2006.

Stanley R. Sloan, “How Does Religion Affect Relations between America and Europe?” EuroFuture, Winter 2005.


Felix Rohatyn, “For ‘New America’, a fresh Atlantic Alliance,” International Herald Tribune, May 11, 2004.

Joseph P. Quinlan, “Drifting Apart or Growing Together? The Primacy of the Transatlantic Economy,” Center for Transatlantic Relations, March 2003 (PDF file).


“Birthing Athena, The Uncertain Future of European Security and Defense Policy,” Christopher S. Chivvis, Focus stratégique n. 5, Security Studies Center, Institut Français des Relations Internationales, March 2008.

Heiko Borchert and Karina Forster, “Energy Infrastructure and EU-NATO Cooperation,” Security Europe, March 2007.

Zacharias Giakoumis, “ EU-NATO Relations after the Riga Summit”, speaking notes for a panel presentation at the 16th Economic Forum in Krynica, Poland, 8 September 2006.

U.S. – CREST, Future Military Coalitions, The Transatlantic Challenge, September 2002.

Robert E. Hunter, The European Security and Defense Policy, NATO’s Companion – or Competitor?, RAND National Defense Research Institute, 2002.

Stanley R. Sloan, Opinion article entitled "The U.S. and Europe Need New Marriage Vows" originally published in the Wall Street Journal Europe, February 21, 2001.

Louis R. Golino, "EU military endorsed Rapid-reaction force would add to influence, study says" Washington Times; Washington, D.C.; Apr 8, 2001

Stanley R. Sloan, “The United States and European Defence” (Chaillot Papers, No. 39)

Francois Heisbourg et. al., “European Defence: Making It Work”, (Chaillot Papers, No. 42

Kori Schake, “EU Should Duplicate NATO Assets,” CER Bulletin, June/July 2001 

Maartje Rutten (compilation), “From St-Malo to Nice: European defence - core documents” (Chaillot Papers, No. 47) 

Transatlantic Military/Industrial Cooperation

Stanley R. Sloan and Robert G. Bell, NATO Standardization and Interoperability: Political, Economic and Military Issues for Congress, CRS Report to Congress (1977). This golden oldie still includes important observations for the future of European defense cooperation and transatlantic defense improvements. 

Defense spending, force structure and capabilities

NATO and EU Enlargement

Leo Michel, “NATO-EU Cooperation in Operations,” Research Paper, Academic Research Branch, NATO College, Rome, Italy, February 2007.

Phillip H. Gordon and James B. Steinberg, NATO Enlargement: Moving Forward (Brookings Institution Policy Brief)

William Hopkinson, Enlargement: A New NATO (Chaillot Papers, No. 49)